Indoor and outdoor sports facilities

Sports grounds in turf for soccer, rugby, tennis, hockey and golf. Multipurpose sports floorings and roofing. And also sports halls and gyms.

MAST Sport builds indoor and outdoor sports facilities, which are approved by the leading national and international sports associations and federations, in compliance with the needs of each client.

Depending on the project, MAST Sport in fact, offers interventions and specific solutions – from structural foundations to mechanical systems – or in the role as general contractor for very big tenders, taking charge of the design, structural, engineering and finishing works, delivering “turnkey” sports facilities.



Construction of rugby fields in synthetic turf

Football Field for 11 players. VENEZIA

Construction of football fields made of synthetic...

Athletics track. CAGLIARI, Selargius

Construction of track floorings

Palasport. BERGAMO, Alzano Lombardo

Construction of a wooden sports floor

Palasport, Palabam MANTOVA

Construction of a wooden sports floor

Football Field for 11 players. BRESCIA, Polisportiva Ciliverghe

Construction of sports grounds in synthetic turf

Football Field for 11 players, SONDRIO

Construction of a 11-player field in synthetic...

COMO, Rovello Porro

A Saronnese


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