Design and building of indoor sports facilities and complementary works

MAST sports proposes itself as general contractor to build ‘key- in – hand’ constructions for sports facilities, offering technologically advanced solutions for athletes and spectators.

From the turf to the coverage, from the stand to the locker rooms: every element for sport halls, gyms and indoor facilities can be designed by MAST Sport team specialists, paying special attention to the needs of those involved in the sport. An orientation factor which influences the material choice and building solutions which are always technologically advanced.

MAST Sport latest goal is to transform areas into better places both for athletes and spectators. And to offer clients just one intermediary: a guide able to address them towards the best solution, optimize spaces and investments.


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BRESCIA, Villa Carcina

Palasport, Palageorge Montichiari

CREMONA, Soresina. La Parrocchia di San Siro Vescovo

BASKET BRESCIA LEONESSA, Brescia ha il suo nuovo palazzo dello sport

COMUNE DI ALZATE BRIANZA, la nuova superficie sportiva polivalente in resina bicolore

TREVIGLIO, rinnovata la pavimentazione sportiva del Palafacchetti

MILANO, la Parrocchia di Bruzzano


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