Construction of pavements and coverings for basket and handball courts

Every sport requires adequate facilities in order to practice both indoors and outdoors. Chosing the best paving for athletes performance or the most appropriate coverage for the facility protection is therefore crucial in designing a new court.

MAST Sport is a specialized consultant for the construction of any kind of pavings and covers. Mast Sport ensures every client the intervention of technical specialists and the use of high quality material and technology.


Palasport. BERGAMO, Alzano Lombardo

Construction of a wooden sports floor

Palasport, Palabam MANTOVA

Construction of a wooden sports floor

BRESCIA, Villa Carcina

Palasport, Palageorge Montichiari

CREMONA, Soresina. La Parrocchia di San Siro Vescovo

BASKET BRESCIA LEONESSA, Brescia ha il suo nuovo palazzo dello sport


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