Construction of sports grounds made of synthetic, reinforced or natural turf.

Ideal to meet the needs of different outdoor sports activities – football, volley, rugby, tennis, hockey and golf – playgrounds in synthetic turf can be in specific turf: synthetic, natural but reinforced or natural.

For all sports enthusiasts on a completely natural turf, MAST Sports offers itself as a full service provider: From installation to maintenance, all activities which are necessary for the prevention of natural turf sports grounds are entrusted to technical experts.

But this is not all. Thanks to the partnership with Limonta, MAST Sport offers a variety of solutions, including the production of reinforced natural or synthetic turf sports grounds:


  • > MAX S: is the high-performance turf product from Limonta Sport, the result of research and development conducted in the name of innovation in technology and design. The aim was to create a surface with the same characteristics as a natural playing surface.
  • > Duo Shape: is an innovative artificial turf which achieves the perfect combination of strength and resilience. Specially developed to improve durability and game performances, Duo Shape consists of a special shape with two different coloured sections that are combined but not twisted.
  • > Infinity: is the latest generation in artificial turf surfaces, designed to ensure maximum resistance to wear, tear and stress. Made from a bi-coloured filament with particularly high durability and strength standards, INFINITY is the ideal product for small-sized and intensively used pitches.

  • > Mixto: is a surface made with hybrid technology, that ensures the best harmony between natural and artificial turf. In fact, with MIXTO the artificial matrix that is specially developed and installed on a specifically patented unique primary surface, protects the natural grass roots, promoting deep root development.
    The system has been designed to create the perfect conditions for oxygenation and permeability of the surface layer and the ideal air-water-soil balance, whilst also preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging.

  • > GeoPlus: Natural infill for artificial turf pitches, fully recyclable and carbon neutral. Revolutionary and cutting edge, it consists exclusively of a mixture of organic plant material, derived from defibration of woody plants, that have been carefully chosen and processed with an innovative process.
    The result is the first 100% natural and biodegradable infill because it is free from foreign materials, which ensures maximum performance and unparalled athlete safety.
  • > TP: is a high performance infill for artificial sports pitches, made with thermoplastic SEBS polymers that are made with a special shape and structure.
    The elastic bead is made via extrusion with an exclusive physical shape which is covered by a patent on special equipment for virgin raw materials, additives and colourants. In addition to ensuring good game performance, it reduces the risk of the player abrasions and guarantees reduced compaction over time.
  • > X-Tre: Exclusively developed and produced by Limonta Sport, X-Tre is a special PU Coated tri-dimensional rubber granulate. The aim was to improve the performance and playing characteristics of both academy and professional level turf systems.
    The granules size falls between 0,5 and 2,5 mm, with an optimal and equilibrated curve of distribution, with its parts well divided in three different shapes:
    - Spherical
    - Elongated
    - Fiber shaped to guarantee stability


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