# Palasport. BERGAMO, Alzano Lombardo

Construction of a wooden sports floor

In the year 2010, the municipal administration of Alzano Lombardo, asked to build a new palasport to meet the needs of 3.500 citizens of the territory and over 30 sports clubs who carry out their activity on municipal territory.

The new facility- approved for basketball, volleyball and five-a-side soccer field – has 600 seats and includes a multipurpose facility with a warm-up-gym, a climbing gym and an area of almost 1.200 sqm of sports ground made of parquet, divisible in two parts by means of a curtain.

The surface, built by MAST made of a wooden sports flooring ‘Mondo’, was approved by FIBA LEVEL 1 and is composed of two layers of cross phenol plywood, screwed and bonded together. On the two layers is fixed the finishing flooring made of pre-finished and pre-painted wood and a high resistence varnish.

The system ‘Mondo Elastic’ is characterized on the base, by specially patented elastic supports which have a conical design. This system is specifically designed for different sports, able to absorb shocks and returns into the original position thanks to an internal air space. The elastic supports are fixed according to an extra designed scheme to ensure a perfect uniformity of elastic responses at every point of the final surface.

Construction of a wooden sports floor, Palasport. BERGAMO, Alzano Lombardo


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