Qualities and qualifications guarantee skills and results

To testify the specific quality of each project realized by MAST Sport are the important references, the authoritative partners, but also the certifications obtained from the homonymous building group.

Since 2001, the MAST management system has been operating under a quality system updated to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007 with certification of qualification for the execution of public works (CQOP).

But not only. MAST has obtained SOA certifications to participate in public procurement for the OG1-class II, OG3-class I, OS6-class IV Bis, OS7-class IV and OS24-class II categories.

The values ​​that inspire MAST's action stem from its past and recent history and its nature as a modern company.

MAST pursues its development in terms of economic results, but chooses to translate this growth into opportunities for continuous innovation and security.



Construction of rugby fields in synthetic turf

Football Field for 11 players. VENEZIA

Construction of football fields made of synthetic...

Athletics track. CAGLIARI, Selargius

Construction of track floorings

Palasport. BERGAMO, Alzano Lombardo

Construction of a wooden sports floor

Palasport, Palabam MANTOVA

Construction of a wooden sports floor

Football Field for 11 players. BRESCIA, Polisportiva Ciliverghe

Construction of sports grounds in synthetic turf

Football Field for 11 players, SONDRIO

Construction of a 11-player field in synthetic...

COMO, Rovello Porro

A Saronnese

Football Field for 11 players. BRESCIA, Lumezzane

Campo a 11. BRESCIA, Calvisano

Football Field for 11 players. BERGAMO, Sarnico

Sport Center, BRESCIA, San Filippo

BRESCIA, Rugby Calvisano

Palasport, Palageorge Montichiari


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